The Environmental advantages of Turf

Artificial turf has become the latest trend for home owners for so many reasons. Whether it is saving on lawn care, protecting your pet from ticks, having nice grass every day, or any of the many advantages of installing turf. But one of the most satisfying and compelling reasons to invest in turf is the impact you will make on the environment.

One of the most obvious advantages of artificial turf is the lack of water to maintain artificial turf. While some water is used in the process of manufacturing artificial turf, it pales in comparison to the constant watering essential to keep real grass green and healthy.

advantages of installing turf under stools

Did you know the average grass lawn accounts for roughly one-third of all residential water use?

Never mind the time it takes to water it, forget the cost of your water bill, and the price to perform the watering. The average American household saves over one million gallons of water over the life of an artificial lawn.

Furthermore, when the home owner uses fertilizer, the elements break down and get into the groundwater. While those elements are filtered before they become drinking water, the pollution bears a negative impact on the overall environment, so your average lawn is bad for groundwater. In addition, there are chemicals in your pesticides and weed killers that aren’t good for groundwater or the environment.

While most people think grass might be better for emissions than turf, that is not the case! While grass converts oxygen out of carbon dioxide, lawns take a motorized electric or gas mower. The emissions released sustaining the grass is far greater than the emissions pulled out of the air by the grass.

From an environmentally conscious viewpoint, Turf wins hands down!

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