The Artificial Turf Life Span

Artificial grass is a perfect option when you don’t have the time to water, mow, and maintain traditional grass. If you’re considering investing in artificial turf for your home or office, you may be wondering about the artificial turf life span.

There are multiple factors in the lifespan of artificial turf. Artificial turf is built to last approximately 25 years. To enjoy your artificial turf to its full potential, The Turf Boys recommends maintenance on your turf on a regular basis.

While the maintenance of artificial grass requires significantly less maintenance than standard grass, there are still some minor work you need to do.

artificial turf life span

Look out for compacted spots and sporadically rake your artificial turf to dislodge them

Turf is often installed in patches, and sometimes can become dislodged. If you notice a portion of your turf is dislodged, we recommend adjusting it as best as possible to its original position. This is done with a rake. If you notice your turf is dislodged to a point where it needs professional attention, please contact The Turf Boys. We’re happy to fix your turf and make sure it stays in place in the future.

Clean after your dog, to prevent discoloration, spots and bad odor

Artificial turf is installed over the natural ground. That means pet urine can seep through and rarely, if ever, will cause discoloration. When your pet poops, as with normal lawns, we recommend you dispose of the material properly in the garbage. Regular maintenance to ensure a hygienic environment with pet use, no matter what the turf is installed over, includes a quick spray with a hose. No chemicals or materials are needed to maintain your turf for pet use.

Treat your turf with respect by checking for left over food

Turf is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without maintenance. An easy way to ensure your turf lasts is to clean up after any backyard BBQs or birthday parties. Food will not break down in turf like it will with natural grass. It can stay behind, leading to insects, or an unexpected danger to pets or young children. There is no need to comb through your turf for crumbs. We do suggest you make sure the chicken bones make it to the trash instead of the bushes.

Take care of the minor problems before they become a major headache

When there is a tear in the seams, fix it immediately, when there is a stain, remove it immediately! Ignoring any maintenance issues with your turf can make the artificial turf life span shrink very quickly. For any questions about fixing your turf, or to schedule a consultation to install new turf, call The Turf Boys today. We look forward to seeing what artificial turf can do for you!