Artificial Turf – Your Dog Will Love You For it

K9 Turf has been increasing in popularity among homeowners, and for good reason! Being a dog owner is one of the greatest joys in the world. The memories you make with them are priceless. As a dog owner, you like watching your dog play, running in the grass, and enjoying the outdoors. You love your furry friends, which means you care for your pet’s health and safety.

K9 Turf

There are so many reasons why artificial turf is better for your dog, but here are some of the most common reasons, in addition to the overall benefits of beautiful green grass with low to no maintenance costs.

Benefits for dog owners

Friendly to sensitive dogs. If you have an older or more sensitive dog, some natural plants do more harm than good. Turf is not only gentle, but it keeps the allergies away too. With natural lawns, grass becomes a breeding ground for ticks, bugs, fleas, and other pests. This can cause your dog to lick, itch, and excessively scratch. With artificial turf, your pet will be able to play in the grass with no fear of ticks, fleas, and multiple other pests.

Dig-proof. All dogs love digging and messing up the grounds. With proper artificial turf installation, dogs simply cannot dig through the turf, and will never destroy your beautiful turf landscaping. Rest easy while they play, and always enjoy a beautiful yard.

Natural feel. The science and technology behind synthetic grass has come a long way from your stereotypical football field turf. Your dog will never be able to differentiate natural grass from our artificial turf, as it feels soft, natural, and amazing.

Yes, you can even do that. Say goodbye to patches of dead grass after your pet does their thing. Our pet-safe artificial turf is urine safe and will not show discoloration from pet urine. Just like any yard, we do recommend scooping your dog’s poop, and the occasional spray with a hose to ensure a hygienic environment.

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